History of the Lezgin Culture

The Lezgin people have been occupying their current areas since the Bronze Age.  When the Shah of Shirvan occupied the Lezgin territory in the mid fifteenth century, the conversion to Islam began.  By the 19th century all Lezgin people converted to Islam and have showed great devotion to their faith ever since.  They helped fight against the Russians in the Great Caucasian War which ended up being a loss in 1859.  

More recent history of the Lezgin people is the Sadval movement which occurred in 1990 and is still going on today.  Sadval means unity but the movement is also called the Lezgin National Movement.  This calls for unification of the Lezgin people and the primary goal is to establish their own state, Lezginistan.  The movement has limited support but the people of the Lezgin culture are going to continue to push for this movement.  



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