Cultural Survival

The arrival of Soviet rule to the area in which the Lezgin people resided drastically changed the way these people lived.  Soviet rule formalized Lezgin culture.  Their traditional ways of farming were overturned by the collectivization of agriculture.  The amount of land and livestock decreased significantly from this.  After the collapse of the Soviet Union the Lezgin people went back to individual farming .  However, the collapse of the Soviet Union also led to the lost of subsidies for books, dictionaries, and other teaching devices for the Lezgin language.  The language hasn’t been as prevalent since then because of the lack of teachers of this language and the fact that most people in the area learn Russian.  

As it was mentioned in a previous post, the Lezgins face a severe issue with unemployment.  The unemployment rate among the Lezgin people is said to be around 60%.  This is close to twice the amount as the Dagestan average.  I haven’t been able to find any information about why their unemployment rates are so high.  It could be because they live in the mountains isolated from the everyone but their people.  However, I did read that unemployment is one of the main reason for the Sadval group so maybe this group is discriminated against when it comes to jobs. 


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