The Lezgin people have a population from about 800,000-900,000.  Majority of them living in Dagestan and Azerbaijan.  About 100,000 moved further into Russia; migration to other places is not nearly as severe as this.  The next place where the Lezgin people are most prevalent is Turkmenistan, where the population is 16,000.  After that its Ukraine and Uzbekistan where the population is about 4,000 in each of these countries.  As you can see, the Lezgin people haven’t migrated too far away from where they originate from.  As it’s been mentioned in other blog posts, they are known to live closely to one another so my guess is they left in large groups and migrated to these areas.  I haven’t found in my research to why these people left but it could because they were so densely populated in their homeland and resources could become scarce.  But as i mentioned, not much is out there about their migration so it remains up to interpretation.


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