Sadval Movement

The Sadval movement has been alluded to throughout the blog posts.  This movement, which means unity, was established in July of 1990 in Dagestan, Russia.  Russia was currently under Soviet rule at this time and the Lezgin people felt they were “denied the opportunity to develop their culture.”  The leadership called for the unification of the Lezgin people.  From this group the Lezgin Nation Council was formed and they called on Russia, Azerbaijan, and Dagestan to redraw the borders so they can create the state, Lezginistan.  Apparently everyone involved with the Sadval movement didn’t back the idea of Lezginistan and this caused a split.  The split resulted in a “radical” and “moderate” wing.  The radical wing wanted an independent state while the moderate wing wanted autonomy in Dagestan.  The second idea makes more sense to me because I don’t think Lezginistan would be a profitable state. I say this because they suffer a serious issue with unemployment.  


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