World of the Lezgin People

In terms of culture and way of life the Lezgin people live in close relation with their neighbors.  The term “Lezgin” was actually used to represent all the Muslim people who lived in the mountains until the 20th century.  Once the 20th century came the term was used to refer to the particular group, Lezgin.  It’s believed that the name Lezgin derives from “Lek” which was the largest tribe in Caucasian Albania until the 5th century.  Justifying that statement, the Georgians actually refer to the Lezgins as “Lek.”

The Lezgin people are currently in a movement to create their own state.  These people live so compact in the areas of Southeastern Dagestan and Northern Azerbaijan so it would make sense for them to do so.  The movement encourages Lezgin Unity and is also known as Sadval.  This is proving to be unsuccessful so far because Russia won’t allow this to happen.  The Lezgin people want their own state because they feel they are being treated unfairly in terms of employment, land, and autonomy.  Now, the autonomy part makes sense because they don’t have their own territories, but employment and land issues have been around for quite sometime with the Lezgin people.  They have high hopes for their own sovereignty but it will be interesting to see how the whole thing plays out.  


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